Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Start of Something to Remember!

I have been meaning to do this for awhile. A long while.......since before the twins were born. Time just flies by! My babies are now 2 and a half and my new little edition is 3 months. I can't believe how fast they grow. The memories just seem to come and go and so I decided to start my Mommy Diary to keep some of the little things that happen each day with me to remember.

Today was a windy one! Too cold and yucky outside to go anywhere. Daddy was also home sick from work. My day started off as any day does. Kate calling my name at 6 am to come and get her. We went and snuggled on the couch with baby and watched the morning news. An hour later Ty comes walking down the stairs dragging his blanket behind him. He loves that blanket and has been carrying it around since he was able to hold on to it. The night before we baked banana chocolate chip muffins and so I let the kids have one while they watched The Disney Channel. Since Daddy was home from work I lucky enough to be able to run fast to Timmys and get myself a much needed coffee!
The rest of the day consisted of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! Seriously I think I spent the whole day cleaning and recleaning because my toddlers just create a disaster everywhere they go! We also did some baking with our new bread machine and some learing with out First Words sticker books.
Bed time came and of'coarse my princess KAte gave me a hard time. She always run to my bed and hides. Ty goes into his room good but will turn the light on as soon as I walk away and play. Today he has been playing with these Bob the Builder lego cars all day. Even at the dinner table he held his fork in one hand and was driving the car around his placemat with the other. For sake of quietness I let Kate out of her room because after a few minutes of crying I caved. She always sucks me in. I was finishing up the laundry and put the towels I had just folded in the linen closet. As I was closing the door she spotted the glass jar full of lolly pops. Her face lit up and she started to take off her jammies. She know that potty=sucker and she must have really wanted one because anytime I mention potty they scream "NO!", no matter what the bribe is. I put her on the potty and went to her room to get another diaper. Seconds later she comes running to me, "See, see mom". Her phase this week is "See, see" for everything. She proudly showed me that she had peed on the potty and then ran the linen closet to reclaim her reward! Of'coarse a sucker at 8pm isn't a good idea but that is the reward for using the potty and I was definilty proud! I just wish this would become an everyday thing because I am changing 3 sets of diapers a day now. After she finished up her sucker I asked Daddy to put her to bed because she knows Daddy will not give in to her.
Baby was crying for me and so I went to feed her. 3 months of nursing and I am so very proud of myself! Awhile later I went to turn Ty's light off because he always falls asleep with it on. 2 steps in his room and the little guy pops up from under his covers. Still awake and ready to play with those Bob the Builder cars! I gather them all up and start to put the pieces together. These are the times I cherish. The times in which they are so happy to be the center of my attention. They say the cutest things. "Thankkk Mom"
Just a fun day at home enjoying each others company!

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